Why Use Magento For Your eCommerce Website?

Magento inarguably is the best ecommerce CMS available today and if you’re looking for a list of reasons, there are countless. Big daddies of the business world inclusive of Samsung, Nestle, Lenovo, Fort, Fox Connect, Olympus, Nike and Men’s health just to name a few are fond of Magento eCommerce and what else explains the power of this ecommerce Numero Uno. Magento is not only popular among the big fish, but also among the start-up ecommerce businesses.

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Magento rules the roost and statistics vouch for the very fact. In year 2013, Magento’s ecommerce market share was 23% which grew to 34% in the following year 2014. Here’re few more reasons why you should choose Magento for your ecommerce business website, if you’re planning one.

7 Reasons To Pick Magento For eCommerce Business Website-

1. Magento is open source-Magento connect img

Being open source, Magento community edition can be installed, altered and used for free. You can also add additional features and functionality by simply modifying the source code. You can hire a magento ecommerce specialist from WriterzDen to jazz up magento code for adding additional features and custom functionality simply by installing magento extensions.

If your online shopping cart website’s requirements are a bit different, our magento developers can facilitate those.

2. Hassle Free Site Management and Multi Store Management-

Hassle free site and multi store management is another magento specialty. Multiple stores can be managed by using one admin panel. Database that contains customer and sales data can be managed in a hassle free manner. Product browsing, international shipping, mutilpe currency management and multi-language support are the other key features that make magento a robust platform and the best ecommerce solution.

3.Built For eCommerce-

Magento has an edge over wordpress combined with woocommerce and drupal+drupal commerce combination. With a whole gamut of preloaded features, Magento scores over any other platform.

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4.High Scalability-Brand magento

Suitable for start up ecommerce businesses as well as multi national brands, Magento is highly scalable. Hence, it grows with your business and capable or rendering custom features and functionalities as your business grows. Regardless of what custom features you need, Magento always has a pleasant surprise in store for you. Does that explain why plethora of Fortune 500 companies are using Magento.

5.Superb Performance

Now ecommerce’s Usain Bolt is right there for you ! Few hundred miliseconds of delay can literally sabotage an ecommerce website’s potential of converting visitors into customers and that too making them not to return to your website never ever again. Equipped with high end caching techniques such as Varnish and data base optimization techniques, Magento ensures, your customers always have a good good time on your ecommerce website.

6. Flexible & SEO Friendly

Magento is insanely flexible and being a modular ecommerce solution at the core, you’re always in control of how the back-end of your magento ecommerce store functions and how it performs on the front end too. Besides, it SEO friendly too which ensures an expansive reach.

7. Security and Payment Option

Can your ecommerce business ever think twice about this? No way !! If your consumers are dubious whether or not your ecommerce store is safe to shop on , your business prospects are always on tenterhooks. Good news is, you can sit back and relax if Magento happens to be your pick. Secure payment options such as and paypal to name a few, your customers do not have to bother about security aspects. SSL security and dedicated I.P implementation is barely an uphill task with Magento.

The Final Verdict !

The reasons above prove that Magento is the best choice for ecommerce website development. So, if you’re are planning your own online shopping cart or website, magento ought to be your first pick.

Hire WriterzDen’s Magento Developers For eCommerce Development

If you’ve any questions about how Magento is useful for your custom eCommerce shopping cart development feel free to give us a shout out. If you’re looking to develop a magento ecommerce website for your business, our magento development specialists can prove instrumental in bringing your idea to life.


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