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Real Estate Business: Website Design Tips

Having a sleek, nicely designed and purpose oriented website wouldn’t go amiss for any real estate business. Choosing to go for off the shelf solutions might save you some dollars in the short run, but turning a blind eye to the fact that’s it’s an investment, not an expense is enough to upset the apple cart in the long run.


As a brand image analyst and head of the real estate website design & development team here , I have interacted with diverse businesses all over the world and truth to be told, it has equally succoured me explore understand what works and what doesn’t ! Real estate business is on a roll at the moment and doesn’t seem to get saturated any sooner. So, if you’ve been looking to build a website for your real estate business, here’re few tips to help you design an awefully effective real estate website.

real estate questions1. First Things First ! – What, Why & Who?

You should be wary of ‘Who’ your website is interacting with. ‘What’ refers to the list of things you should have on your real estate website. That’s not it !

Your target audience must have reasons ‘Why’ they should come to your website more often. Have interesting and useful content placed on your website.

2.Is It Useful?

Provide information that’s really useful e.g list of schools, medical facilities, neighborhood report to name a few. You can prompt them to sign up for your weekly newsletter

above the fold3.Remember ‘Above The Fold’ Rule?

That’s one thing your favorite tabloid can teach you. Keep everything that matters above the fold. The fold can be understood as the area visible on the screen without scrolling. Simply put, the very first thing your visitor sees while visiting that particular page of your real estate website.


4.Keep your website up to date?

The more your real estate website is updated with useful content, the more traffic drives to your website. Spending money on content marketing and effective design makes more sense. Hire a content writing services provider to derive an efficacious content marketing strategy and to keep your website updated with useful information. We have a team of content marketers and strategists who can do the job for you.

The Final Word-

Hire a real estate website design and development service provider agency like us can help you design a sleek and user friendly real estate website. Feel free to drop us a line at or reach out to us by clicking here for any questions you may have.

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