6 Inspiring Qualities Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Virat Kohli

The world just doesn’t seem to get enough of him. He is the quintessential star of the modern age cricket- unstoppable, invincible and his hunger for more is far from over.

The 28 years old who is often compared to none other than the cricketing legends of the likes of Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, barely needs any introduction. The way he looks at the game and life in general is not only inspiring to sportsmen, but to budding entrepreneurs and start-ups as well.

Here’re 6 crucial life lessons you can learn from this legendary cricketer-

  1. Basics are important

    As a start-up, you need to know the basics of the game and stick to them. Virat sticks to the basics of the game no matter what. Those who misinterpret sticking to basics as unimaginative, watch for it.

  1. Good Timing-

    Good timing is a hallmark of Virat Kohli’s batsmanship. Entrepreneurs and budding start-ups must learn the importance good timing in business. Understand what the industry demands and make your choices accordingly. Poor timing can cost you a fortune which cannot be undone later. So, start slow and steady and work on your timing before calling shots.

  1. Aggression-

    Aggression doesn’t mean losing your cool or being short tempered. Aggression means- passion and drive to better yourself every single time you are out there to perform. Yes, he doesn’t take things lying down and entrepreneurs must not do that either.

  1. Team Work-

    One of the good qualities leaders have is that they are good team players as well. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each member of their team. They encourage them when they do well and provide necessary feedback on a regular basis. Virat is an expressive personality. He doesn’t mince words and is a good team player himself.

  1. Optimum Utilization Of Time

    Whether he is on-field or off-field, he barely wastes time. Whether it’s making the most of each delivery he faces while batting or hitting the gym to constantly work on his fitness, Kohli knows the art of making the most of every minute he has. Those who feel it’s all about work and no fun for him, see him in ‘Gangnam’ style.

  1. Respect Your Individuality

    Respect your individuality and celebrate it. If you are just a clone of somebody else, what can you possibly bring to the table? Virat has his own style, work methodology and vision. Explore yourself and introspect on a regular basis.

What other qualities do you see in Virat Kohli and what benefits you can extract by inculcating those in your routine?

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