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Mobilegeddon Is Here ! Are You Ready?

Finally ! Mobilegeddon is here and consequences are expected to be as apocalyptic as the name sounds. So, if you see your website rankings nosediving, you know what to blame- Mobilegeddon: Google’s latest mobile algorithm.

How Apocalyptic Mobilegeddon Will Be?

Not long back, Google’s Panda affected more than 11% of search results. Aiming at making Google search results more useful to mobile users, this rare algorithm change may affect millions of websites. About 60% of online traffic can be attributed to mobiles and Google as always intends to users to have a good browsing experience every single time they click on a mobile link. To put it simple, Google is all set to crack down on non-mobile friendly websites and reward mobile friendly websites.

Google announced the imminent changes back in February 2015, giving webmasters almost 2 months to make necessary changes to prevent their websites from disappearing from mobile search results. Nonetheless the algorithm update is expected to create a drastic shift resulting in loss of rankings to millions of sites.

Does Your Website Pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Test?

Does Mobilegeddon cause you press panic stations? Here’s what you can do- Google has got a mobile friendly test page under its developer section where you could simply type in the url of your website to see if it passes the mobile friendly test.

If you’re already seeing your website’s rankings plummeting, you should urgently contact and hire a responsive web design agency like us and get a mobile friendly responsive website designed and developed that scores well on Google guidelines.

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